Thursday, August 30, 2012


So, I have recently become re-aquatinted with a new friend! LANCÔME!!! I have always loved the variety of mascara's LANCÔME had to offer, but had always gravitated to other brands for blush, concealer, and shadows! However, this fall LANCÔME has WON ME OVER with my new favorite products! Check them out and I will tell you what I have been doing with them!

My first love of the season is


Face Sculpting & Illuminating
All-In-One Contour, Blush & Highlighter
Available in 6 shades! You get a silky pigmented blush, deep rich bronzer and a flawless highlighter all in one compact! I have been using there on the eyes as well! And as a professional makeup artist, I despise bulky compacts! These compacts are sleek and THIN and slide into my kit BEAUTIFULLY! I love using the blush to connect the cheek to the eye by applying a bit into the eye crease over the shadow work I have done in an upward motion!

I have also fallen in love with 


Limited Edition Fall 2012 Collection Eye Palette
Eye Brightening All-In-One 5-Shadow & Liner
The pigments in these shadows are SO BLENDABLE and RICH! I love using the eyeliner powder  both wet & dry for a precise line or a smokey eye! They are amazing pigments! WHO KNEW?! My FAVORITE shade is Petal Pusher
which is featured below! Above is Violet Magnetique

The next product I have been really impressed by is 


Waterproof Protective Undereye Concealer!
This concealer is not only in a HUGE tube and will last forever, but the formula is amazing, and the shades are beautiful as well! I love how great the coverage is! It doesn't crease and the wearability is really LONG LASTING!! Ladies, fire up the smoke machine and put on those heels, because its time to go out DANCING! Your makeup wont budge as you work up that sweat!

I also like to use this product as an eye shadow base! A small dab will do ya for your lids!


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